Some of the work carried out in collaboration with our partners has materialised in the following patents and publications.

Polypeptide-corticosteroid conjugates as a topical treatment approach to psoriasis

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The generation of stabilized supramolecular nanorods from star-shaped polyglutamates

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Capturing “Extraordinary” Soft‐Assembled Charge‐Like Polypeptides as a Strategy for Nanocarrier Design

A Duro‐Castano, VJ Nebot, A Niño‐Pariente, A Armiñán, …

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Polypeptide‐Based Conjugates as Therapeutics: Opportunities and Challenges

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Near-infrared activatable phthalocyanine-poly-L-glutamic acid conjugate: increased cellular uptake and light-dark toxicity ratio toward an effective photodynamic cancer therapy

Kiew LV et al.

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Relevant physicochemical descriptors of “soft nanomedicines” to bypass biological barriers

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Triblock Copolymer Nanovesicles for pH-Responsive Targeted Delivery and Controlled Release of siRNA to Cancer Cells

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