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Polypeptide Therapeutic Solutions S.L. (PTS) specializes in the custom synthesis of well-defined polypeptides for research laboratories in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotech industries.

PTS’s patented synthetic methodology allows us to synthesize PGA with defined molecular weight, low polydispersity (<1.2), controlled chain end functionality (including alkyne, azide, amine, aldehyde), adequate stereoselectivity, absence of any trace of toxic impurity to allow biomedical applications and high with batch to batch reproducibility.

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PTS is not only offering the PGA homopolymer, but also derivatives bearing orthogonal reactive sites, e.g. azides and alkynes in combination of the carboxyl functionalities of PGA to allow direct conjugation of different type of molecules through click chemistry, peptidic or pH labile linkers. With more than 15 years of experience, our scientists have developed the patented technology for the synthesis of these polypeptides and are actively implementing them in many drug delivery and molecular diagnostics applications.