PTS specializes in the custom synthesis of well-defined polyamino acids for research laboratories in pharmaceutical, cosmetic and biotech industry.


CEO – Isabela del Alcázar PhD, MBM

  • Expert in spotting, analyzing and valuating investment opportunities in the healthcare arena. Founder of Biocapital Advisors, Investment Advisor at Step Up Capital, Master in Biotech Management (IE Business School), PhD in Molecular Biology.


CSO – María Jesús Vicent PhD

  • Expert in Nanomedicine; Polymer Therapeutics; Targeted Drug Delivery for anticancer treatment and for Tissue regeneration; Transport across the Blood-brain Barrier
  • Head of Polymer Therapeutics Lab – CIPF


PTS uses a versatile and simple methodology for the preparation of well-defined polypeptides. Our patented methodology is based on the use of ammonium salts with non-nucleophilic tetrafluoroborate anions as polymerization initiators. These anions are less hydrophilic and thus better soluble in a broad range of organic solvents and they have lower nucleophilicity than the related nitrate or halide salts. Therefore, living nature of the polymerization can be achieved by enabling the synthesis of well-defined high molecular weight homo or block co-polypeptides with preserved end group integrity allowing a multigram scale with defined molecular weight (up to 800 units), low polydispersity (<1.2), controlled chain end functionality and adequate stereoselectivity and absence of any trace of toxic impurity to allow biomedical applications.



Javier García MBA

  • Former Eli Lilly Vice President of Business Development for the Biomedicines Business Unit.
  • Board of Directors for the National Alliance for Hispanic Health
  • Board of Directors for the Health Foundation for the Americas
  • IT Director Eli Lilly


Damià Tormo PhD, MBM

  • CEO and Cofounder Artax Biopharma Inc
  • Board Member & Co-founder: BiOncotech Therapeutics
  • Professor of Entrepreneurship: IE Business School
  • Co-Founder or numerous start-up companies: Frozen Shard; BioCapital Advisors; Bioncotech Therapeutics; Restaura Biotech


María Palop

  • CEO Farmacia BOIX
  • CEO & Founder BOIX Cosmetics
  • Expert in Clinical Community Pharmacy
  • Expert in retail in cosmetic and personal care sectors
  • Board member Palbox Group


  • ENISA’s young entrepreneur credit facility

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  • Programa Estatal de Promoción del Talento y su Empleabilidad, incluido en el Plan Estatal de Investigación Científica, Técnica y de Innovación 2013-2016 – Emplea 2014 – Secretaría de Estado de Investigación, Desarrollo e Innovación (MINECO)